Welcome to "Yogi's Matcha Corner!"

Dear Reader,

Thank you for coming to our online shop! You've managed to reach us out of the numerous websites in the world. This fact alone is already a miracle, and I am most grateful. Namaste!

As the first article in this blog series, I'd like to introduce you to my unique online shop.

It's called "Yogi's Matcha Corner," and it's called that for a reason.

I'm a yogi who is just so passionate about Matcha and other types of Japanese tea. I'm always looking for things that relate to Matcha. In the mall, on the internet, etc. But I could never find something that would satisfy my taste.

Don't get me wrong.

There's already a good selection of Matcha and tea out there to drink. It wasn't so easy a few decades ago. Ceremonial grade matcha is hard to source for or is extremely expensive. But now there are several decent options. You can easily purchase directly from Japanese tea websites in Japan as well. Technology and the growth of Matcha popularity have come a long way.

However, I've always wanted to express my obsession in other ways. Like on the things I wear or items I use.

Think tees. Think mug cups. Think shoes and pouches.

You get the point.

When you look at people with other hobbies, there are a lot of options you can find. There are numerous options for showing love for your pets, such as dogs or cats. There is awesome-looking apparel available if you're into running or jogging. Even if, for some reason, you are passionate about snakes or frogs, there's an incredible amount of goods and gift ideas to select from in that niche as well.

But how about Matcha?

Especially Matcha goods for a yogi like me? Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that is unique and resonates with me.

Yes, and that's why I opened "Yogi's Matcha Corner!"

The concept is this.

This website is an online shop where you can find fun and unique personal items to showcase your love and passion for Matcha tea and yoga. We have dedicated this whole online shop to just that!

Where else can you find a shop like that?!

I'll be sourcing items that can make your day a little more joyful than yesterday by expressing your personality with these tremendous unique items.

The products we carry are 100% original. We'll be creating items based on the original design, so you'll only be able to buy them here on this online shop.

This uniqueness means that they make for the perfect gift as well! The chances of your fellow yogi having these items are slim to none. You won't be able to get these at a nearby mall. We're exclusively online.

So join the fun! Take a look around.
Think about the great conversations you'll have with your friends when they see the items!

And lastly, let us know about it!

Listen, people passionate about Matcha and Yoga are such a niche community. We care about you, and we should be connected.

Let us know how you liked the item. Let us know if you have new ideas for products or requests. We take all your feedback seriously.

Thank you for reading this introductory post until the end. I certainly appreciate you for doing so. I hope you get a chance to look through our product selections.


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