Matcha Mug

Collection: Matcha Mug

Upgrade your every day with these unique Matcha-themed mugs! We call them Matcha Mugs for short, although they are suitable for all sorts of drinks. Have some fun by taking these novelty mugs to practice or the office and showing them to your friends. They make excellent gifts as well.
They stand out as one-of-a-kind items because these are all 100% original designs only found here at "Yogi's Matcha Corner." They are beautiful, playful, fun, and, most importantly, showcase your unique personality. They are great for a Matcha latte but also work great with other beverages, such as coffee or milk. Our best seller is the beautifully designed "Yoga + Matcha, a Match Made In Heaven" white ceramic cup. Let everyone know your passion as you hold this elegant piece. You can also share how stoic you are for your art with the black "First Yoga, Then Matcha" designed mug. This will surely deliver the message with its impact-black background and powerful white text.