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Yogi's Matcha Corner

Matcha Mug "I'm not lazy, Just need Matcha (Cat)" Black

Matcha Mug "I'm not lazy, Just need Matcha (Cat)" Black

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Spice up your day with this hilarious yoga T-Shirt, "I'm not lazy, just need Matcha (Cat)."

Show off your fun personality by sporting this unique novelty tee. This design features a cute design of a lazy couch-potato cat. It's a joyful way of sharing a little bit of comedy while showing your love for matcha tea.

The T-shirt's a highly comfortable, versatile, and amazingly personable shirt to add to your wardrobe. The tee's versatility will allow it to be used indoors, outdoors, for sports, or just for lazying around. Indeed, just like the cat in the design!

It's perfect as a gift as well, especially to any cat lovers or matcha-loving friends. Our designs are all 100%, so this will become a gift the receiver's never seen before and will be something that will be cherished for a long time.

So buy this one-of-a-kind T-shirt to flash your or your friend's personality!
FREE SHIPPING! Note: Due to very high demand, please allow roughly 7-10 days for shipping.

  • Share your love for the flavorful Japanese Matcha tea with this original T-shirt by Yogi's Matcha Corner.
  • This is a 100% original design, so you can only find this product at our online shop.
  • It's not sold in stores or malls, only sold online.
  • It's a perfect gift choice for anyone who loves Matcha or cats.
  • It's a great tee to knot-tie for an active look.
  • Unisex tee. It suits all genders!
  • Choose from two colors for this design: Pink and black.
  • It features a crew-neck collar, perfect for a wide range of uses.
  • The shirt is side-seamed to fit and complement the shape of your body. It will look great as you move or do your yoga poses.
  • Extremely comfortable and versatile, it can be used as everyday wear or for exercise, even when you're lazying around the house just like the cat is doing!
  • The design features a cat that, indeed, looks very lazy. 
  • Some facts about Matcha and how it helps your energy: Matcha contains high amounts of caffeine, just like other beverages such as coffee. However, it's not only the caffeine that makes it the ideal morning booster that's been replacing several people's morning coffee. It also has a nutrient called Theanine. Theanine helps control the caffeine in the drink by reducing the over-simulation caused by caffeine while also reducing caffeine crashes and making the effect of caffeine longer.

Key Features

The mug can be placed in the microwave for food or liquid heating.

The mug is suitable for dishwasher use

BPA Free and Lead-Free.

C-shaped handle
A friendly C-shaped handle, easy to hold onto even when full.
Best for right-handers. The design will show to the front side when held with the right hand.

Care Instructions
After use, clean in dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and dish soap.

Available Sizes
11oz only

Available Colors
White mug design can be found here

Size Table

Height (Inches): 3.74
Diameter (Inches): 3.15

Height (cm): 9.50
Diameter (cm): 8.00

*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

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